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MT Haven

Exploring the MT Haven: a Freediving Film

This jaw-dropping film of world champion freedivers exploring the MT Haven will make you want to take freediving lessons immediately.

Great White Freedive

The line between predator and prey can sometimes get blurred. Especially if two predators seem to reach an understanding.

Freedive Under the Ice

Freediving under the ice in Canada leads to a serene, chilly landscape.

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shark finning
News Conservation In the Water

First Criminal Charges for Shark Finning in Costa Rica

A Costa Rican court has, for the first time, served criminal charges for shark finning and sentenced a Taiwanese business owner to prison.

A Walk on the Deep Side
News In the Water

A Walk on the Deep Side

Author John Kean tells the tale of a missing era in extreme-deep scuba diving in his new book, “A Walk on the Deep Side.”

ice diving
Training In the Water

An Introduction to Ice Diving

When the temperature outside is below freezing, you might not consider a dive. But after an introduction to ice diving, you might change your mind.

Lionfish Culling
Training In the Water

Lionfish Culling in the Cayman Islands

Native to the Indo-Pacific, the beautiful but invasive lionfish is wreaking havoc on Caribbean reefs. Many nations, including the Cayman Islands, have resorted to lionfish culling to address the problem.